Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Its weigh in day again!!! AND some goals reached!!

Welcome to Weigh In Wednesday. Can I get a drum roll please. 1kg down....Thats right....GOODBYE 80's HELLO 70's...Oh how I have misssed you. Current weight it 79.3kg. I am so happy right now and I cannot remember the last time I was below 80kg. I Will NEVER be above 80kg again. 9.3kg left until my 70kg goal for this challenge. Can I do this? HELL YES I CAN!!

Thats 2 goals reached this week...Under 80kg and 30 pushups on my toes. Time to do some goal reviewing and reward myself with something nice. Thinking of painting my nails later...I havn't had my nails painted since my wedding over 2 years ago.
Oh and I tried on my year 10 graduation/formal dress the other day....It fits OMG. I cannot believe it fits...I will have to put it back on and get some photos to put up :)

Time to start the next week and smash out some more calories and burn some more fat and see what next week's weigh in brings...We have another fitness test/measure up session next week so I am looking forward to seeing how much my body has changed in 4 weeks and how much fitter I am. Only thing is, I hope I can wait until David returns from his work trip so I can do my 1km time trial...I can't run with a pram so that will have to wait. The rest can get done though..Thats easy.

Have a great week everyone.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Shopping day

Does anyone else dread shopping day? I sure do since theres all this yummy food that I love to eat and usually buy. Today though I have to have a little brag. I saw some chocolate muffins in the bakery section at Coles that I thought looked delicious and were on special. Now normally I would buy them but today I just turned my head the other way and kept on shopping. In fact I didn't buy any bad stuff at all I kept to the list. That would have to be a first in a long time.
Normally I end up with a lot of other stuff that we don't need in the trolley and the shop ends up costing way more. $135 the total shop came to and that included Sophies box of Nappies and Formula which add up to about $50 on their own. Most of the shop was fresh fruit and vegies. Usually the weekly shop comes to about $150 and then we end up with takeaway anyway....Whoever says eating healthy is expensive is a liar who obviously hasn't tried and just making excuses.
Another confession too. I have been taking sneak peaks in peoples trolleys while shopping and also look at the size of them. You can really see with what they buy and their size that its what they always buy. The healthier people have a lot of healthy food while the larger obese people have a pile of garbage in it and most likely wonder why they can't fit into their jeans. I know theres a lot of people doing the 12WBT who are obese (I'm classified as Obese) and are now buying healthier foods too but you can really tell the people who want to change their lives by just looking at whats in their trolley.
I am really loving this new way of living. My skin is a lot softer and I can feel an improvement in my depression already. Even though I am on anti-depressants which sure they do help, but I don't want to be on them for the rest of my life.
I will add as well that I kind of cheated yesterday and weighed myself even though Wednesday is weigh in day and not Saturday...Under 80kg *Does a happy dance*. I cannot remember the last time I was under 80kg. I will reveal my proper weigh in on Wednesday when I do my weekly weigh in....I make a vow right now to  not touch the scales until Wednesday morning.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Week 2

Well its that day again folks. Its weigh in day!!!!!. 1.1kg gone forever. Down to 80.3kg so 300g to go until I reach my first goal. I can taste the success already.
My body is complaining from all the exercise I have been doing and have found I have muscles where I didn't know I had them. But I am not letting a little muscle soreness stop me from achieving my goals.
My body can complain all it wants but I will still exercise becaise I WANT TO and I WILL.

I WILL reach my 80kg goal and then I WILL work towards my next set of goals. NOTHING will stop me.

While I have had some ups and downs this week. Had a few slip ups where I went over my 1200calorie quota for the day and there were days that I didn't exercise...The hardest part has been David heading off to Townswville on Friday (8th June). I've been struggling to find motivation to do my workouts since he has been here to support me and encourage me to try harder. I do realise though that I need to do it whether he is here or not. I just have to work around Sophies schedule since its hard to workout while shes awake because she needs the attention...She does enjoy going for walks with me though so thats a bonus...Its just a shame the weather the past few days has been a bit average and by the time it clears up its getting to late to go anyway.

Heres to another successful week.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Weigh in Day

Well its day 3 of the challenge and its weigh in day already...Every Wednesday is weigh in day for the challenge.
Weight this morning is 81.4kg. Thats a 1.2kg loss from last Week. WOOHOO. I cannot remember the last time I seen that weight on the scales. Looking forward to the coming weeks.

The weather the past few days has been horrible here...High gusty winds and rain...I still got off my butt this morning and went for a run/walk. Burnt 286cal. Only 214 cals to go until I reach my 500cal target. :). Thinkng a bit of Zumba this afternoon. That will give bub some Entertainment...Unless shes asleep while I do it.

Off to put some washing on so then David has enough underwear for his first week away. He leaves for Townsville QLD on Friday morning for 3 weeks so it will be just bub and I...And the dog.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Before Pics. Warning may need councelling afterwards :P

Below I have taken some Before pictures so I can keep track of my progress that way as well. I will post after Pictures at the end of the 12 week challenge.




The magazine is to prove that its a recent photo..Its June/July Issue of Shape Magazine.

Lets Begin!!

Well its finally here, finally starting....The Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation (12WBT) starts TODAY.
I have my meal plan and my exercise plan and definately ready to get the ball rolling and shed some unwanted kilo's and release my sexy body within. ;)
So far I have had breakfast which was 50g muesli, 1/2 apple and 125ml of lite milk. Not much different than my normal breakfast lately. I normally have a banana instead of apple and never used to measure the muesli. Then I went for my morning run and did some situps, pushups etc. Burn't 205 calories so I still have 295 to get to my 500cal quota. But don't despair I WILL be doing it as Michelle Bridges says JFDI (Just Freaking Do It). Have a DVD I will be doing later to finish off the rest of those calories plus a few more.
I have had my morning tea which was my Coffee/Cappuccino. 1 cup lite milk (115 cal) with 1tsp Low GI sugar (16cal) (Sugar with larger granules - Brand called LoGi Cane can get from Coles.) with one shot of real grinded coffee beens :) Yummy. Total 131calories. 170 Calories left for my snacks for the day (Have an allocation of 300calories per day for snacks and a total of 1200 calories including snacks per day)
Note My coffee will always be the real stuff not the instant stuff since I cannot stand it and its banned from my house. :D

On a great note. I did slice 12 seconds off my 1km time trial. Did 1km in 7mins and 58seconds rather than the 8minutes and 10 seconds from the other day when I did my fitness test....I also managed to run more too. :D.

I shall post again later with my finally calorie burn for the day and my total calorie intake for the day. :D

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Pantry before and after

 Pantry Before we cleaned it out
Pantry after we cleaned it out....Looks much better now and we can find things...Its amazing how much crap one can accumulate lol.