Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Its weigh in day again!!! AND some goals reached!!

Welcome to Weigh In Wednesday. Can I get a drum roll please. 1kg down....Thats right....GOODBYE 80's HELLO 70's...Oh how I have misssed you. Current weight it 79.3kg. I am so happy right now and I cannot remember the last time I was below 80kg. I Will NEVER be above 80kg again. 9.3kg left until my 70kg goal for this challenge. Can I do this? HELL YES I CAN!!

Thats 2 goals reached this week...Under 80kg and 30 pushups on my toes. Time to do some goal reviewing and reward myself with something nice. Thinking of painting my nails later...I havn't had my nails painted since my wedding over 2 years ago.
Oh and I tried on my year 10 graduation/formal dress the other day....It fits OMG. I cannot believe it fits...I will have to put it back on and get some photos to put up :)

Time to start the next week and smash out some more calories and burn some more fat and see what next week's weigh in brings...We have another fitness test/measure up session next week so I am looking forward to seeing how much my body has changed in 4 weeks and how much fitter I am. Only thing is, I hope I can wait until David returns from his work trip so I can do my 1km time trial...I can't run with a pram so that will have to wait. The rest can get done though..Thats easy.

Have a great week everyone.

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